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Fantasy / Ze Tian Ji
Ze Tian Ji

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Mao Ni


Hypersheep325; Pipipingu

Ze Tian Ji ZTJ

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To pick is to choose. This is a story about choices. Three thousand worlds full of gods and demons, with a scroll in hand you are able to control the entire universe…

At the beginning of time, a mystical meteor crashed down from outer space and were scattered all over the world. A piece of it with mysterious totems engraved on landed in the Eastern Continent, attracting people to unveil its secret. Some of them succeeded and then established The Tradition.

Several thousand years later, a fourteen years old orphan, Chen Chang Shang, left his master to cure his illness and change his fate. He brought a betrothal with him to the capital, thus began the journey of a rising hero.

What Others Say

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    The best novel I have ever read. I love the poetic but somehow measured prose, the characters, the romance and the slow read of the novel. The main character is relatable. Beating out those supposedly reincarnated individually, in other novels, because of the sympathy that he shows. The side characters aren't forgotten. The same cast has been present since the beginning, they go the background, and come back again. The fights are epic. Powers are at a high mark at the lower cultivation levels in this novel, with a relativelylower ceiling, compared to others in the genre. Though it is a wait to the first fight, for me, it paid off, and they got even better. The plot and schemes. You will never know where this story is headed because, 'show don't tell', is adhered to. And it being so complicated makes the story shine with every unexpected reveal.


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    Show, not tell. This is one of the most basic rules that majority of the novels being translated fail at from the get go. Characters actually act more like experts and adults of their age except for the eccentric ones. Most other novels? Characters of 1000 years of age still act and react like youngsters. Plot? While the obvious plots are obvious, certain results that seem unrelated to the grand plot would end up being a goal of other characters. Small and insignificant details are brought up to being significant for another character's personal goals. The conversations and interactions of the characters are well written and a joy to read. Most characters have their own things to strive for, while servibg their roles in the story simultaniously.





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Ze Tian Ji

Author: Mao Ni

Translator: Henyee Translations



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