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Game & Sport / World of Warcraft Foreign Realm Domination
World of Warcraft Foreign Realm Domination

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Angry Thrall



World of Warcraft Foreign Realm Domination WWFRD

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Xiao Yu, who was a student from modern Earth, accidentally transports to another world and becomes the lord of a territory. Facing an unfavorable situation, he vows to take back his family business, build his new territory, kill all of those who covet his wealth, and dominate the world!

What Others Say

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    Clear masterpiece if you put it in the aspect of a warcraft player and word of warcraft the possibilities in azerot are infinite depends on what time of the story this MC could even prevent the plague whip lordaeron is a world full of possibilities but clear The MC is a pervert and does not take into account the characteristics of his troops for example the orcs are honorable and do not go back in battle but the MC takes away those characteristics to the force... I have much hope in World of Warcraft Foreign Realm Domination is that the author Improve the MC with time and know to take advantage of the characteristics of the heroes of warcraft for example the power of the paladin! the light !!! Greetings to the Author and the translator !!! For this magnificent novel full of possibilities !! In a world at war against the fiery legion the Horde Alliance the ancient gods and the plague !!


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    MC might be a little perverted at times but it isn't that bad like you'd read in a JP harem novel. The M/C is transported into a new world with the power to create armies. He can summon elves, dwarves, orcs... etc, ancient powerful beings thought to be extinct on this planet. He summoned the Goddess of the Elves, Tyrande. He has a strong orc warrior Grom, but he wants to summon their God, Thrall soon. He also has a human archmage as well. He has orc soldiers called "grunts, "and elf archers and elf warriors (hunters). Right now, he is solely defending his small territory and purging all of the evil bandits/taking their wealth to build up his land. With the new addition of siege weapons, skill upgrades, and such, he is becoming very strong. M/C and the archmage are only at level 6 while Grom and Tyrande are level 10 with brand new T1 armor. The M/C is able to use skills from the heroes he summons, so he gets stronger with them as well. He doesn't have to fight directly, he can gain XP just from his heroes killing others. It started off very good and the pace is great. You learn a lot about the world they live in, as well as other kingdoms. M/C can summon almost everything as long as he has enough money and merit points (you gain from battles). He just spend about 10k merit on upgrading his army and repairs, and 400k gold coins on upgrades, so he constantly has to stay in battle just to get it going. very good.





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World of Warcraft Foreign Realm Domination

Author: Angry Thrall

Translator: Henyee Translations



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