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Game & Sport / Virtual Reality: Against the Flow
Virtual Reality: Against the Flow

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Zhang Yang’s May(张扬的五月)


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Virtual Reality: Against the Flow VRAF

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Due to not being able to buy a game helmet, diabolical Li Huailin made a determined effort and made his own game capsule entering into the new online game 《Heart of Glory》. But he didn't think that he actually got his game character stuck as a bug.

Other people get experience from fighting monsters, he loses experience from fighting monster; Other people get experience and money from doing quests, not only does he lose experience from doing quests, he even loses money.

Right when he thought that he couldn't play this game anymore, his character died once and his experience suddenly skyrocketed. And thus he was enlightened…

If you don't seek death then you won't die, to level up Li Hailin started his life of desperately seeking death.



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Virtual Reality: Against the Flow

Author: Zhang Yang’s May(张扬的五月)

Translator: Henyee Translations



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