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Immortal Heroes / The Sacred Ruins
The Sacred Ruins

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Raw: Qi Dian

Source: Wuxia World


Chen Dong


Alsey, Mike

The Sacred Ruins TSR

Immortal Heroes
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Hark as the tides ebb and flow. Watch as the moon wanes and grows. As that trail of misty haze enshrouds the earth, Behold! That once quenched fire enkindles amidst the holy ruins, And that yoke that shackles the world tardily unravels. A brave new world is on the horizon, As the secrets underneath its cryptic cloak slowly uncloak… 

What Others Say

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    The Sacred Ruins is A GREAT novel written by a GREAT author... [Warning! This review was a review composed of Half Rant Half Review] This novel was written by "Chen Dong" the same author of Perfect World, Shrouding the Heavens and World of Immortals. Which for me were great works. His writing style was not much worse when compared with Er Gen. They are both great at character and world building (Er Gen with immortal Civilization feel while Chen Dong with Archaic Civilization feel). Anyway! Into the topic. Story was set in a post-apocalyptic earth. The land was ravaged by countless wars till it finally turn into a wasteland. A wasteland filled with countless unexplored phenomenon and unknown mystery. And within this novel we have an MC with a personality (not someone who only has KILL! KILL! KILL!! In his brain or a SmartAss who can only notice the OBVIOUS) with all that fact (post apocalyptic world and mysterious mc) you can already discern that this novel will have a slow development and slow world building.. Things will gradually be revealed, Mysterys are slowly being unfold. We the readers were slowly being grabbed and unnoticely being engrossed (with my previous experience with his past works. They are honestly engrossing while slowly being hugged by countless foreshadows and hopefully not some childish tricks but with genuine schemes. Btw that yellow Ox is killing me hahaha. (With all that said. I think this novel has great potential and a novel that was not written "Half-heartedly". I recommend this to those who had read chen dongs previous works and patient readers who were tired with the usual xianxia/xuanhuan stuff).


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    Upto date with raws! Now the waiting! (I don't think I have ever read a novel more funnier than Sacred Ruins. The comedy is far better than A Will Eternal and others. The Slave Trading arc and Land of Reincarnation is the proof). The novel has everything we love in Chinese novels: Great humor, epic face-smacking and great action along with superb world building. But the best part is that the novel has actual plot unlike many other novels!! The comedy is gold. We have protagonist swindling others, funnyblind dates, starring role in movies, animals trying to become technologically advanced while failing epically... The humor is also served with face-smacking. You would love the alien 'trafficking' part ;) The story is set in modern world which is undergoing mutation. The novel retain its modern elements even though the world is turning into something archaic and desolate. Chen Dong never disappoints when it comes to world building. The mysteries are well laid out. The adventures are both exciting and funny. It's currently my favorite novel so I would definitely recommend it to you.





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The Sacred Ruins

Author: Chen Dong

Translator: Henyee Translations



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