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Fantasy / The Gate Of Good Fortune
The Gate Of Good Fortune

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Raw: Qi Dian

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Goose Is Old Five



The Gate Of Good Fortune TGOGF

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This was a fragmented and disorganized world, this was a place that had been forgotten.

That day, was the most frustrating time for Ning Cheng, when on that day, he was abruptly brought here.

Because this world had Ning Cheng, who would imprint his name in the vast heavens, it would finally shine in the endless universe!

What Others Say

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    So far The Gate Of Good Fortune has been exceptional. There's never a lot of focus on any of the side characters, whether they be guys or girls. The MC is pretty much a party of one that runs into/makes occasional friends. There are a lot of close calls and slow leveling up periods. Don't read for humor, romance, or for OP moments. It's just a decent story with a good plot, character development and an exceptional author/translator team. Probably closer toreality than any other wuxia novels, although it still holds strong to it's fictional roots.


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    This MC does not have a cheat. This MC did not go to another world and suddenly forget right from wrong. This MC does not have a clan/family to support him. This MC knew nothing about cultivation (didn't even read novels) and was dropped into a perilous situation where he could only rely on himself. When it comes to the MC getting screwed over, all I haveto say is that Ning Cheng constantly succeeds despite the odds. By chapter 335 he has more secrets on his body then even ancient ancestor level characters. These abilities/items were not obtained through lazy writing. Ning Cheng only has 2 things going for him; a photographic memory and a mysterious yellow bead that allows him to cultivate. Neither of the MCs abilities would have ensured success. This MC has had to actually work to become strong.. And it is much more satisfying to read then these critical reviewers claim it is. Read the novel, don't expect Ning Cheng to be Chu Feng/etc. The MC obviously kills people but he isn't a madman who will murder an entire family because of an evil son/daughter





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The Gate Of Good Fortune

Author: Goose Is Old Five

Translator: Henyee Translations



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