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Romantic Fiction / The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady
The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

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Raw: Qi Dian

Source: Flying-Lines


Hua Jianxue



The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady TEPPWTSL

Romantic Fiction
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A story of time-travel. Sly and cunning, she unexpectedly turned a sickly noble woman whose fiancé is mercenary and demotes her to a lowly concubine. She sneers and bravely breaks off the engagement. To hell with scumbags, marry heirs to lords, blind the courts with her brilliance.

However, my Lord, we agreed that we're only partnering to scheme against others, when did you start to treat acting as real? Hey, hey, don't touch me.

The Lord smiled slyly,"Your hands are too cold, let me help you warm them… Your feet are cold too, let me help you warm them."

"Why don't you just say that my complete body is cold and you need to warm it all up?"Murong Xue said indignantly.

The Lord nodded,"Good idea!"

Murong Xue – speechless. Hey hey hey, where, where are you putting your hands?

What Others Say

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    This is well-paced (plot moves quickly) so you don't get bored and there are updates almost daily. It is a stereotypical transmigration story, but the MC does not waste time in showing her cleverness. I like that she's a bit ruthless. Characters seem human with their arrogance and contradictory personalities (ruthless but soft).


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    MC is no Mary Sue, but I love her for it. It gives me genuine reason to worry for her when she encounters issues because I don't automatically assume she can face slap or poison her way out of everything. She is quite caring toward her brother and protected him from step family. It's has very satisfied revenge and scheming.





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The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Author: Hua Jianxue

Translator: Henyee Translations



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