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Realistic Fiction / Strong True Cultivator on Campus
Strong True Cultivator on Campus

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Tang Xiao


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Strong True Cultivator on Campus STCC

Realistic Fiction
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In order to live he must get close to girls, what kind of rule is this? Tang Zheng possess the Nine Yang Saint Body, a rare body constitution that is hard to come across within a millennium, yet he must absorb pure Yin energy to stay alive. In order to live, he will fight! Absolute campus bullies, goddess teachers, charming housewives, haughty lolis… all kinds of woman walk into his life causing him to be surrounded by beauties! 

What Others Say

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    This is one of the few stories that I can't wait for the next translated chapter to release. You have your typical Xiania's, then your SciFis, and this story, kind of a modern day mafia. Think of the Manhwa" Breakers / Breakers New Wave. A MC without any affiliation gets to learn superhuman Martial arts and has to navigate through the hidden underworld. Some people may get turned off by the harem tag, but this isn't your stupid Japanese Got to catch em all pokemon harem. The story is actually driven by the actions and personalities of the STRONG women around the MC. They are not all bumbling doe eyed women that smell great and can topple kingdoms with a smile. So the elements that make this story: Some good humor. A few plot twists not expected to happen Very good supporting personalities, Good Villains, Even allies have their own agendas. Mysterious Origins/Cultivation that adds flavor to the story. A MC that isn't an idiot, and shows growth.


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    Plot The story starts in a modern world where the MC is bullied by the class rep and the rest of the school (don't ask why). He's then sent to a haunted part of the school by his teacher (to clean that classroom). A lot happens in that classroom which leads him to live with the consciousness of an old cultivator (like a 1000+ years old). This cultivator reveals him why his consciousness was in that room and also that the MC has a super rare type of body (Nine Yang Saint Body). This body allows him to cultivate much faster and do some strange things which surprise the old cultivator. But unfortunately (or not) MC will die if he doesn't absorb some Yin energy (only some girls have it). -- Story This is a modern Xianxia which has a MC that has unlimited potential. From the first chapters, the author describe well enough that the MC will have a lot of troublesome relationships with his surroundings. From the start, he isn't a stranger to anyone, some criticize him, others ignore him and the rest just enjoy being with him. A bit like Zhang Ye from IRAS. Since this is a modern Xianxia, it is more about assimilating the sects with the criminal, political and economic sectors. We'll see more manipulating than genocides.





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Strong True Cultivator on Campus

Author: Tang Xiao

Translator: Henyee Translations



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