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Fantasy / Son of the Night
Son of the Night

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Ser J.S.

Son of the Night SN

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Since the dawn of time, the Demon race and Humans fought each other over land and resources. Neither side could gain a decisive advantage. Was history determined to endlessly repeat itself?

Everything changed once the mysterious demigods appeared and took the humans' side. Clueless of this struggle Akira tries to find his own path in this war-torn society. Why should he care about the fight between the demon race and demigods?

Honor! Survival! Fighting for friends and family! These were the values he believed in. However, soon his heritage would come to haunt this son of the night Hello, this is me the Author of "Son of the Night", speaking to you through these words that you are reading.

This story is a LitRPG story, BUT it's not a rebirth/reborn, teleported, mind-transfer, trapped inside a game, or even a VRmmo novel. It's a fantasy with the main character born and growing up in the world I created. If you would like to ask me questions feel free to comment or talk to me on the Creative Novels Discord channel.



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Son of the Night

Author: Ser J.S.

Translator: Henyee Translations



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