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Fantasy / Soaring of Galaxia
Soaring of Galaxia

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Li Tian



Soaring of Galaxia SG

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In China's modern martial arts society, Wu Xinghe was the youngest grandmaster of martial arts. He was invincible. However, because of a strange incident, he was reincarnated as Qin Wushuang, a poor aristocratic boy in an entirely different world with its own set of rules. With his strong will and passion, he began the journey to pursue the highest peak of martial arts!

The main character's beliefs? Never comply with the aristocrats or the rich people, no matter in waht kind of situation. Depend only on your own strength because you have the power to be invincible. 

What Others Say

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    I don't particularly like most Chinese novels because I am unfamiliar with the whole "cultivation" style of writing and get confused with some of the terminology. This novel, on the other hand, is easy to read and follow. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to read a good weak-to-strong story. I just wish there were more chapters already!


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    If you liked the tournaments from Swallowed Star, or the bashing MC gives in IGE/Chaotic Sword God then this story does that in a very similar way! So far the novel has been pretty staightforward, with the MC having an advantage over his peers and people higher in status, so there's not much tension about him losing, but it slowly diminishes as the secular world arcs slowly end. That doesn't mean it's the same for his family...He can jump one or two levels in stage, but only one against one. He himself realises he's not match if he's paired against 6 opponents of the same stage as him. Not every enemy of MC needs to be slaughtered. Unless they do something unforgivable, like harming his relatives, he can pardon them. And they do still appear in the story after they changed their attitude.





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Soaring of Galaxia

Author: Li Tian

Translator: Henyee Translations



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