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Romantic Fiction / Red Packet Server
Red Packet Server

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Raw: Ding Dian Zhong Wen

Source: Wuxia World


Zhi Xin



Red Packet Server RPS

Romantic Fiction
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On a certain day, Ye Zichen was dragged into a deities' chat group. These deities liked to brag, and also liked to send red packets. Ever since then, Ye Zichen's life has had unbelievable changes.

The God of Fortune sent a red packet. I'm going snatch it! Wow, I got a large gold ingot!

Taibai Jinxing sent a red packet, I'm going to snatch it as well! Wow, I got a thousand years of cultivation.

Super WeChat Red Envelope Group, with a swipe of my hands, I got their red packets.

Stop messing around, I'm going to snatch red envelopes now! 

What Others Say

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    I give it 5 star since I love to read a novel that makes me thinks of possibilities. To many novel now a days are just to blunt and boring with the repetitive plots and predictable outcomes not to mention the never ending filler and trash chapters. 1st Let's Ignore the Harem part I am not one of the hypocrite readers who denies and say they hate harem yet they still read it. What this novel have that made me interesting is the mix of god and human. Take MC for example, an idea just made me think WHAT IF MC is not really a mortal? That makes sense and explain why he got invited in that chat group as most reader who read novel such as this can tell that some gods tend to reincarnate and forget most of there past until they reach a certain realm. To many What IF in this novel and that is just one of the example that make this novel interesting. I also love the balance on how the author represents the girls in this novel. Not the old classic harem where all girl should reunite out of no where. The girl here has decent character build which we can enjoy reading. To little to None Filler that makes you wanna read this daily.


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    I like it. First of all its well translated. Slight to no editing needed. It's like Cultivation Chat Group, but the main character has less involvement in the martial world, at least for now. The main character, like it says in the synopsis, joins a chat group of the many deities that dominate the martial world. This chat group is one where you can send gifts into the chat group where the recipients compete to receive the gift first. The MC, a mortal, gains benefits and trades modern goods forcultivation treasures. With a good balance of realism and the mystical part of this story; the story holds a sense of RomCom within it that makes it all the more appealing. It might be too early to decide whether or not this story will continue being this good, but so far, reading the novel is a pleasurable process. A very light novel with more slice of life than fights to the death, its not for those who want the MC to become super OP with enemies that are always way stronger. Personally recommended.





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Red Packet Server

Author: Zhi Xin

Translator: Henyee Translations



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