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Fantasy / Realms In The Firmament
Realms In The Firmament

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Fengling Tianxia


Feng Jiong

Realms In The Firmament RITF

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Realms In The Firmament is the latest work of Fengling Tianxia (风凌天下), the author of Otherworldly Evil Monarch and Transcending the Nine Heavens. The main character, Ye Xiao, had been a superior master in his prior life. The three factions of the realm would have killed millions of people every time when they had attempted to seize cultivation resources. Wealthy towns had become wastelands only in one night, yet their crime had been covered up by assertions that the towns had been suffering under pestilence and disaster. They had forcibly held all the resources for cultivation, monopolized all valuable practice materials, and kept outsiders from cultivating so that only the three factions could practice in the realm. Ye Xiao had declared war against the three factions in retaliation of their actions. He had fought alone and had ended up dying in vain. However he was reborn into a mortal body of a 16 year-old boy. He would use the powers he cultivated in his prior life and slaughter his way back into the Realm. The story begins!

What Others Say

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    This novel has new kinds of opponents, I mean, not just some random arrogant guy from a rich family/powerful sect. Of course there will be someone like that, but some opponents are really fleshed out and innovative that you would think that their actions are very logical, which well then be countered by the MC with another illogical yet logical move. Ex. the current arc, crown prince and YX flaming everyone. And the build-up that is so much worth it! Some buildups could be as much as 100, 200, 300 or even 1000 chapters long, however, once the climax of this buildup was reached, that's the point where you'll see how great Fenglin is. He's done it with ttnh, and I think he has done better with ritf in this part.


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    I've read over 1400 chapters of it and I truly liked it as much as transcending the nine heavens which I have finished a few weeks ago. The reincarnation plot with a big twist and the 'problems faced by a reincarnated person' is a big plus. So much plot twist that you would just go 'wow' and you would think that this stuff is truly plausible yet very unpredictable. Lovable and awesome characters, be it the protagonists or the antagonists. Furthermore, the best kind of humiliation in this novel is not by making the antagonist look weak and powerless through a fight, but by words. Yes, words. By spouting a lot of bullcrap that seemed logical at the same time, MC had beaten a lot of his foes and gained a lot of allies. He had humiliated almost everyone that faced him to the point of ruining their lives... without even lifting a single finger of his hand.





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Realms In The Firmament

Author: Fengling Tianxia

Translator: Henyee Translations



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