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Romantic Fiction / Princess Husband, Too Mensao!
Princess Husband, Too Mensao!

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Romantic Fiction
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Lying on the cold operating table, the girl's sentimental feelings faded, a mysterious man took her innocence.

Meeting again, the mysterious man was actually a black bellied VIP, capturing her home, wanting to spoil her.

"Reporting to the Boss, some slag man came looking for the madame."

"Directly bury him alive."

"Reporting to the Boss, some slag lady was jealous that the Mrs. came first in a medical contest, and slapped the lady in the face."

"Her slag face will be broken, send her straight to hell on earth to die."

"Reporting to the Boss, the enemy is going to catch your wife and use her as a military doctor."

"Immediately dispatch the armed forces, and bomb the enemy!"

"Reporting to the boss, the lady ran away from home, she said to tell the president she wants to give him a child……"

"F***, I did not feed her last night! Catch her, the army has seven days and seven nights of holiday, I have business to attend to!"



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Princess Husband, Too Mensao!

Author: 云女

Translator: Henyee Translations



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