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Romantic Fiction / Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet
Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

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Raw: Bi Qu Ge

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Jiong Jiong You Yao



Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet PSLTBNWLS

Romantic Fiction
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“This guy, how strong is his taste? How was he able to kiss a face like this?” Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror, an ugly face covered with ghosty tattoos and explosive hair. One more look, she would rather be blind.

Before her rebirth, she had been in love with someone else, yet she had hated his guts after an unwilling sexual relationship and had been bent to escape.

After her rebirth, she looked at the handsome man on the bed, and thinking that maybe this would leave a mentally impact on him instead of herself. 

In her past life, she had been framed by slag men and cheap women and brainwashed by her best friends, and most important of all, she had deserted her exceedingly beautiful husband, resulting in utterly isolation.

In this lifetime, all sorts of bad people were still trying to plot against her and make her divorce. However, she would not yeild for she had got smarter!

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    A rebirth story that truely stands out: An interesting and perfect blend of school drama, rise in the entertainment industry (not as a celebrity but raising them... her imperial harem cough cough), revenge and fixing past regrets, family plots/struggles/getting back her family, multiple/hidden identity and more. Just when you thought you see it all, the author just surprises you with more interesting twists and turns and plot reveals, whether it’s the hilarious interaction between the MC and others or the intense situations she will face and overcome.


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    So far this is one of the best romance novels I have ever read. The plot is amazing. And youll never forget about all of the characters names as they all have their own personality and roles. What makes this even much better is the world building. I also find it exiciting that youll slowly learn MC and ML real characters while the story progresses. And even if its mainly MC pov (rarely ML etc) the author cleverly doesn't reveal everything to the readers making us think and find "hints" !! Regarding to the early chapters it's dark but when the story progress you'll realize more details.





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Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet

Author: Jiong Jiong You Yao

Translator: Henyee Translations



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