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Martial Arts / Nirvana In Fire
Nirvana In Fire

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Hai Yan


Levvy, Lang Ya Scribe

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Martial Arts
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The East River Alliance is the world's biggest clan. Its chief, Mei Changsu, arrived at the royal capital Jinling under the alias of Su Zhe. He brought with him storms of disturbances and fogs of mysteries.

A noble young master with dual identities, a Crown Prince and Prince Yu battling for the crown, the empire's greatest warrior with the Royal Guards in his grasp, a beautiful princess who commands over the border's cavalry…

Amongst these distinguished and powerful people, how did the inconspicuous Su Zhe become the heart of everything?

Could the hand behind the scenes of the whirlwind be the remnants of a previous storm?

Is he the young general who pursues enemies in snowy nights, or the shadowy tactician with a sickly body who won't see old age?

He returns to the old place and reunites with old friends. He plots and schemes. What is he trying to achieve?

This is a story of dark conspiracies and brotherly bonds. Before this story reaches its end, perhaps you can change its course…



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Nirvana In Fire

Author: Hai Yan

Translator: Henyee Translations



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