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My Life As a Tomb Robber

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Ninth of the Dao Sect



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My Life As a Tomb Robber MLTR

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Fifteen years ago, my father and three uncles built up a family fortune on robbing tombs, and they fled to Hong Kong due to the aftermath brought by tomb robbing.

Fifteen years has passed, I have to decipher the secret signs left by father and inherited their mantle.

Marquis Wu, Kunlun slaves, soldiers from the nether world, Exterminate Man, The Legend of Deification, the more I follow their steps, the more perturbed I grow.

The hint directs at the Sand Sea Battle where the zhangs takes a turn from flourish to decadence and hundreds of lives are wiped out.

What, exactly, were they looking for in the forbidden area Lop Nor?

What, exactly, had been dreading them?



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My Life As a Tomb Robber

Author: Ninth of the Dao Sect

Translator: Henyee Translations



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