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Romantic Fiction / Love's Vicissitudes: a Pursuit of Beloved Wife
Love's Vicissitudes: a Pursuit of Beloved Wife

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Ling Ya (Eloquent)



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Love's Vicissitudes: a Pursuit of Beloved Wife LVAPBW

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On the wedding night, her beloved husband should let a stranger into the room! Their three years of deep love now turns out to be a complete scam! Bai Yuexi just feels herself like a fool.

In her despair when her beloved husband and mother-in-law ruined her family, Li Fengjue comes to Bai Yuexi’s life, in a domineering manner.

“Satisfy me, then I’ll take everything back for you,” so he says.

Her loves for him grows and she is pregnant. Yet just when Bai Yuxi thinks she is about to enjoy the happiness, Li Fengju, the man she now loves with all her heart, disappears.

Ah! The Vicissitudes of love, and the Vicissitudes of life.

Five years later when the two meets again, Bai Yuexi stands beside a new man and greets Li Fengjue with a big smile, “Hello, brother-in-law, long time no see!”



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Love's Vicissitudes: a Pursuit of Beloved Wife

Author: Ling Ya (Eloquent)

Translator: Henyee Translations



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