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Legend of a Drop-dead Gorgeous Princess

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Jian Xi



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Legend of a Drop-dead Gorgeous Princess LDGP

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She, drop-dead gorgeous enough to cause the fall of a country, as the Princess Royal of Cold Night Empire, was married to General Pingyan, the second Prince of the Dark Night Empire for peace between the two empires.

However, on the wedding day, General Pingyan wanted to cancel the engagement and shut the door on the princess because of the rumors that she was not only ugly, but also stroppy…

In this age, the imperial power is supreme. The beautiful princess Mu Qianhua kept a low profile and just hoped to have a quiet life, but the fate eventually forced her to become a pawn of those big shots…

She refused to resign herself to her fate and held the faith that there must be a man who truly loved her and was willing to accompany her forever in the world...



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Legend of a Drop-dead Gorgeous Princess

Author: Jian Xi

Translator: Henyee Translations



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