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Military Fiction / Leave the Last Bullet to Me
Leave the Last Bullet to Me

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Liu Meng



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Leave the Last Bullet to Me LLBM

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This story is about love, brotherhood of army comrades and affection between family members. It truly records the experiences and mental state of the stubborn and rebellious "Little Zhuang", a soldier of the Chinese special troop.

Some memories deliberately suppressed so as to be forgotten once surging, like a bullet hit the heart, would gush out with tears and blood.

Little Zhuang, 27 years old, sitting in front of the computer, recalled those dreamlike years: Old Gunner, Recruits Company, Reconnaissance Company, DogHead Brigade and Peacekeeping Force; Ying, Platoon Leader Chen, Company Commander Miao...

In this story, you can see the unforgettable love, charm, loyalty and honor of Chinese soldiers!



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Leave the Last Bullet to Me

Author: Liu Meng

Translator: Henyee Translations



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