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Fantasy / Law of the Devil
Law of the Devil

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Raw: Qi Dian

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Law of the Devil LD

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A good for nothing, considered to be a waste and an idiot, ended up selling his soul to the devil in exchange for what? Beauty? Power? Wealth? Powers? Overthrowing all the rules this world, let us respect and follow through the Devil’s path…… “I know that one day the world will be trampled under my feet!!”

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    This novel is so good, it does have a smart MC that is reincarnated into a medieval world with magic, using his past life expirience to make money and develop new tec! Pros: -Soild character develop. -For the most part no deus ex. -MC is actually a reincarnated person and not just an excuse for a bad author to use modern earth terms and language or to make a character illogically op. -MC incorporates past knowledge without become a techonlogy or mary sue -No creepiness from MC -There are actual characters smarter and more resourceful then the MC even though the MC is portrayed as intelligent -MC understands and has limits and has people to fill them, i.e he's not an edisonand a telsa (like so many MC are made out to be) but rather recruits telsaes as an edison (without being a major douche) if you understand that reference minor pro spoilers


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    The novel had an interesting start which was realistic and made sense. If you were an ordinary person and was suddenly transported to another world leaving behind your friends and family, how would you react? The MC in this case rejected the world and allowed his family to think of him as a retard and an idiot when in actual fact he's really smart. The MC has an interesting personality and uses his young age as a way to get out of certain situations and blend in. He's smart butwhen it comes to politics he isn't the best in that regard. The plot may slow down a bit when he's settled in but it always manages to pick up again. From what I've read my favourite arc is the frozen forest by far.





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Law of the Devil

Author: Dancing

Translator: Henyee Translations



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