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Martial Arts / Heroes Shed No Tears
Heroes Shed No Tears

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Raw: Gu Long

Source: Wuxia World


Gu Long



Heroes Shed No Tears HSNT

Martial Arts
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Gao Jianfei, a naive martial arts genius, exploring the martial arts world for the first time in his life.

Zhu Meng, a man's man who lives by the sword, but who is more passionate and emotional than he realizes.

Sima Chaochuna, the most famous martial artist in the world. Completely and utterly righteous. Or is he?

Zhuo Donglai, the brains behind Sima Chaochun's brawn, who always has a trick up his sleeve.

And the most fearsome weapon under heaven.

This is a story about love, friendship, ambition, betrayal and fearsome weapons.

What Others Say

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    I don't know if I would recommend this to anyone. It is a tragic story and you will cry but I don't.... know. I can tell you that it is a story of heroes and pretty women and I think I enjoyed it but there was too much drama.


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    Late GL's novel. Too much emotion and philosophy that lost through translation. The plot is mixed bag, characters are good, weapon is extraordinary, even in wuxia. Seem like GL hesitated which way the main plot should develop to: human relationship or weapon.





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Heroes Shed No Tears

Author: Gu Long

Translator: Henyee Translations



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