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Fantasy / Have You Got Booze to Boost Up My Stories?
Have You Got Booze to Boost Up My Stories?

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Eastern Idler



Flying-lines members are all web novel lovers who are happy to bring fantastic Chinese novels to readers worldwide. With about six years of experience in translation, we’re sure to present you readable works that’ll enrich your life and open your mind. As a bridge between authors and readers, we welcome all those interested to join us!

Have You Got Booze to Boost Up My Stories? HYGBBMS

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This is a book can be thumbed through in an afternoon when you are chilling at a café, or at a sleepless night after working late. You can see me as a close friend who is exchanging toasts and getting tipsy with you.

The stories may not be beautiful, but thank God the world is. I know we are leading lives of great difference. However, I do believe you can see yet another facet of the life that's not accessed by you from my stories. A facet just like wines at night, dewy flowers in the morning, plain yet real, beautiful yet heartbreaking.

With luck my stories are to be continued, with luck your solitude will end.



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Have You Got Booze to Boost Up My Stories?

Author: Eastern Idler

Translator: Henyee Translations



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