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Realistic Fiction / Gate of Revelation
Gate of Revelation

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Raw: Qi Dian

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Gate of Revelation GR

Realistic Fiction
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In life, we attend school, find love, work, buy a house, pay our housing loans, insert weird faces in WeChat, watch movies… do any of you find anything amiss?

One day, a group of strange people entered this world, equipped in strange clothing and possessing extraordinary powers! They call themselves "Players". Wait! Wait! You people want to kill me? You say I am a NPC (Non Playable Character)? Stop joking around! You crazy bastards! I will fight you to the death! I will survive!

NPCs beat up Players! Original residents beat up Transmigrants!

My world, my rules! What makes you think you bastards can come over and boss us around? Chen Xiaolian said "From today onwards, an organization whose sole purpose is to oppose those bastards is established! Our guild shall be named "Player Thwarting Alliance"!"

What Others Say

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    I think that this novel is underrated, here's why: *Characters have more depth than the average Xuanhuan or Xianxia. *Plot is original, not your standard xianxia rehash. *Modern day is a plus because most novels here are historical or pure fantasy. *Villains aren't generic evil dudes. They all have their reasons and motivations to act like they do which are believable. *Party/guild management - not many novels has this or not as well done as here. *Superb translation. There are also several problems with this nove but still I will rank it high and you should give it a try.


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    At first, I wasn't too impressed by this, but then, I read the Chinese raw and I was throughly hooked on to this. It takes a long time to get the ball rolling (2nd dungeon is like chapter 100+) but it’s worth it. Even though it is long, all the fights doesn’t feel forced unlike other ones where random characters just jump in one after another for no apparent reason. You can see the fights that are going to happen yet you will be surprised almost every time. I admit thoughthe first dungeon is not that exciting, the others will grab your interest. Also it’s one of the rare wuxia where the MC manages to keep his penis in his pants despite having multiple chance. It's refreshing.





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Gate of Revelation

Author: Dancing

Translator: Henyee Translations



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