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Romantic Fiction / Empress Running Away with the Ball
Empress Running Away with the Ball

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Raw: Qi Dian

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Luo Xiao Xi



Empress Running Away with the Ball ERAB

Romantic Fiction
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On the wedding night, she was tied to his bed. “

Woman, you dare marry another man!” He was like a wolf as he devoured her until nothing was left.

“So the person forcing me into bed was you! You beast in human skin!” She clenched her teeth as she pushed against the wall to stand out of the bed.

She, a king from modern times, was reborn. All those that owed her had to pay blood debts. But this king of evildoers, she had obviously not seen him before. Yet, she had to repay him with her body every night…

What Others Say

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    This novel is good comedy funny I like MC she is smart. In this novel there is worst annoying villian and cheap fake Step sister. There is also a lot of funny moments that make you laugh. I like MC, she is clever cunning use her ability to deceive people. And ML is emperor she meets when going out to play. This worth to read


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    It was quite good in the later chapters. I just couldn't understand why they say that the ML is the hidden, the ever mysterious male with a very exaggerating background and not to mention the ever boring character I've ever read in my life. Seriously, the supposedly ML have barely existence in the novel. He was always overshadowed by Hubby, at least the husband and MC has a LOT of moments even though it was mostly because of bickering. The husband can at least show his adoration to the MC even though its in ridiculous ways, being possessive and overly overbearing overall. How can I like the ML if he is just literally hiding, his character being overly mysterious making him very boring and forgettable. I barely remember his interactions with the MC. The hubby and MC has more unforgettable interactions. Im actually doubting that the supposedly ML is the REAL ML because he was just barely existing.





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Empress Running Away with the Ball

Author: Luo Xiao Xi

Translator: Henyee Translations



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