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Martial Arts / Dragon King with Seven Stars
Dragon King with Seven Stars

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Raw: Gu Long

Source: Wuxia World


Gu Long



Dragon King with Seven Stars DKSS

Martial Arts
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Upon the death of multi-millionaire playboy Sun Jicheng, Jinan city suddenly becomes the center of a maelstrom of Jianghu intrigue. Once again, the mysterious death and/or disappearance of some of the most powerful and famous martial artists in recent years, such as the "End the Heavens, Destroy the Earth" crime-fighting duo Gao Tianjue and Guo Mie, and the master thief "Laughing General" Li, come to the spotlight. Smack dab in the middle of all the plotting and fighting is Ingot, a scrappy beggar who is far more than what he seems. A Gulong novel, translated by deathblade.

What Others Say

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    Haha, what can I say? This novel made me laugh, it made me nervous and most importantly it intrigued me. The different POV's were a nice touch and gradually as the story was reaching its conclusions questions were answered. The characters are all engaging and their personalities range from shameless to harsh. Definitely recommend reading it.


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    The tempting and gradual progress of the event is fascinating. The author knows how to use people's inertia to inadvertently make a big reversal. Basically, each novel of Gu Long expresses and promotes different themes, and the only constant is his praise for the love between human beings. It is a detective story about the death of the tycoon in Jinan City, exposing a little-known and touching past. The event is very short from the beginning to the end, and grasping the timeline will be more influential. In the end, you will want to know which three, four, five, six or seven stars, but you will find that this is a big joke of the author, feeling completely deceived; but after deep savoring about the novel, you'll also find that this is the best arrangement.





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Dragon King with Seven Stars

Author: Gu Long

Translator: Henyee Translations



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