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Military Fiction / A War Between Spies
A War Between Spies

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Raw: Qi Dian

Source: Gravity Tales


Accommodating Water’s Will



A War Between Spies AWBS

Military Fiction
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Author's Introduction:

For an ordinary person to wage war on a spy, they would first need to become a spy.

For a spy to wage war on a powerful spy organization, their only option would be to  join a different yet equally powerful spy organization.

If they are unable to join a powerful spy organization, then they would need to establish a spy organization that could go to war with one until victory is obtained or until they perish.

This is a tale about a group of ordinary people that manage to accomplish extraordinary deeds while participating in the war between spies.


Yang Yi was orphaned as a child. Foul play was ruled out by the authorities, but Yang Yi always suspected otherwise. Finally, once he was older, he met one of his father’s old friends who revealed the truth about his parents deaths. His father was an intelligence broker and had stumbled upon a mysterious, powerful independent spy organization. Both his parents’ were murdered to ensure the organization remained a secret.

Since he was unable to forget why they died, due to his eidetic memory, the only way he could be at ease was to seek revenge. In order to fight against the mysterious organization, he would first have to train in the art of espionage. However, not even one of the national spy agencies was willing to accept Yang Yi into their ranks due to his father’s sensitive identity.

Left to forge his own path into the field, he seeks out his father’s old allies for help. He learns how to be a spy in unexpected places while gathering the resources and allies necessary to form his own private spy organization.

Follow Yang Yi in his quest for vengeance! Follow Yang Yi as he prepares for A War Between Spies!



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A War Between Spies

Author: Accommodating Water’s Will

Translator: Henyee Translations



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