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Historical Fiction / A Step into the Past
A Step into the Past

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Huang Yi



A Step into the Past ASP

Historical Fiction
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A legendary story about a man who inadvertently travels back 2000 years in time to the Warring States Era and gets caught in the center of a power struggle between nations.During a space exploration, Xiang Shao Long encounters an incident and falls into a black hole that leads him to the Warring States Era in ancient China. It is a time three hundred years before the Qin Emperor is declared King and Xiang Shao Long finds himself all alone in the State of Zhao. In order to return to the future, he decides to do everything in his power to find Ying Zheng and help him onto the throne and his journey brings him unexpected encounters as he falls into a romance with Xing Yun.

What Others Say

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    Definitely well-written and riveting. Translator and staff did a fabulous job. First time I read this it gave me a huge shock. This story isn't some powerful MC who went back in time to save the world. It's about a guy who's suddenly thrown into an era where life is cheaper than a dime. Unlike other novels you've presumably read where MCs are know-it-all and they are able to change the future. This story follows the concept where time/fate is a constant. No matter what the MC does, history will always repeat itself. (Which is why he chose not to involve himself with the empress)


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    This novel is a whole new level of wuxia! Clever, cunning MC with lots of suspense and surprises. Definitely a must-read novel. The story depicts how a talented, young elite special force member travel into the past. With little knowledge about the warring states events, he carves his way into others' fate to ensure the history does not change. It is a super fun journey as MC tries hard to accept the ancient China way-of-life full of blood, death and wifeys ;) Whether the history of ancient China is true or not is questionable, but the fact that the MC remain as a civilized, down-to-earth figure until the end is very refreshing than typical wuxia/xianxia - Overpowered single-sided revenge plot.





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A Step into the Past

Author: Huang Yi

Translator: Henyee Translations



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