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Military Fiction / A Mercenary's War
A Mercenary's War

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Raw: Qi Dian

Source: Gravity Tales


Accommodating Water’s Will



A Mercenary's War AMW

Military Fiction
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Gao Yang is a carefree young man who had lived his entire life in China as a metropolitan. Inspired by his obsession with survival shows and war games, he attempts to realize his fantasies by taking a small vacation to Africa in hopes of getting the chance to shoot with a real gun. As he flies across continents, however, his plane is ravaged by a cruel storm and he is soon left alone in the middle of nowhere. With barely any resources, Gao Yang faces the many unknowns inside the great plains of Africa. Caught in the middle of war-torn tribes, Gao Yang must go against all odds in order to survive in the African wilderness.

How will he fight for his life in this unknown territory, and will he ever make it back home? What other trials and tribulations await? Let's find out

What Others Say

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    Exactly what I looked for. Instead of MC with superpowers and enormous ego, we have a quite realistic character who is not old monster which lived trough millions of years, but instead young man who tries to adapt and survive. He admits that he is sometimes scared or rely on luck , and up to this point there wasn't much about giving face or not giving it and killing beside of that. To sum up fresh novel in which u can learn quite a lot about military, give it a try.


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    It's different, and I like that a lot. The english translation is well written. The character development isn't overdone with a MC who is a thinker, allowing you to almost feel like you're there with him making the decisions that will decide whether he lives or dies. So far in the storyline, it is a fairly realistic survival situation. I can't wait to see where this goes. Thanks!!





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A Mercenary's War

Author: Accommodating Water’s Will

Translator: Henyee Translations



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