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A Ghostbuster From the Northeast China

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A Ghostbuster From the Northeast China AGNC

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Insatiability and malicious actions would easily attract evil spirits.

Some people summoned dead child’s spirit, some people kept imps, some people even sacrificed living people…

I am a ghostbuster who can practice geomancy, drive the ghosts out of houses, and cure the diseases caused by evil things.

I got acquainted with a beauty named Huang Xin when summoning a ghost, and found some things dug out from tombs in her boudoir. There were many secrets about her necklace made from human skin…

People with secrets were gathered together by fate.

The story is about lingering infatuation and resentment of the dead, and emotional entanglement of the living…

Was the person whose skeleton was left in the cupboard killed by an evil fox spirit or that guy who died a long time ago? Who manipulated the corpse in the mortuary?

Allow me to tell you the whole story...