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  • One Useless Rebirth


    He Bai won the lottery, became rich, and reached the pinnacle of life. Then, he inadvertently took a picture of the Film Emperor Di Qiuhe being killed. And after reporting this case to the police, he was reborn in a midst of confusion.

    He Bai: I don't have any horrible relatives to abuse. Why was I reborn?

    Di Qiuhe: But I do.

    He Bai: I also haven't been betrayed or harmed by anyone. Why was I reborn?

    Di Qiuhe: But I have.

    He Bai: I just want to have some money to live freely and eat well. I already achieved that goal, so why was I reborn?

    Di Qiuhe: I have money, but don't live freely or well.

    He Bai angrily flips the table: So what's the use of my rebirth! Just to make me suffer again?!

    Di Qiuhe (Holding and Touching He Bai): Be my lover, you're only responsible for eating "lollipops," you won't eat any bitterness.

    He Bai: Leave!

    So basically, this is a sweet story of a naive and cute person who goes back to the past, flaps his little butterfly wings, and helps the man who used to be last life's big Film Emperor, but in this life, is still a miserable Great Devil King, to walk towards the pinnacle of life (while also dragging someone home)!

  • A Ghostbuster From the Northeast China


    Insatiability and malicious actions would easily attract evil spirits.

    Some people summoned dead child’s spirit, some people kept imps, some people even sacrificed living people…

    I am a ghostbuster who can practice geomancy, drive the ghosts out of houses, and cure the diseases caused by evil things.

    I got acquainted with a beauty named Huang Xin when summoning a ghost, and found some things dug out from tombs in her boudoir. There were many secrets about her necklace made from human skin…

    People with secrets were gathered together by fate.

    The story is about lingering infatuation and resentment of the dead, and emotional entanglement of the living…

    Was the person whose skeleton was left in the cupboard killed by an evil fox spirit or that guy who died a long time ago? Who manipulated the corpse in the mortuary?

    Allow me to tell you the whole story...

  • Superstar Aspirations


    In his last life, he was a superstar that dominated the entertainment circle. In this life, he is a rebellious second generation wastrel.

    Confronting the aunt and uncle who wants to seize the family property and getting rid of those slag friends who only know how to eat and drink…

    Rong Xu: To not speak out means to perish in the silence!

    From starting out as a third-rate celebrity, he had to rely on his own efforts to rise to the top of the entertainment circle, aspiring to once again sit on the throne!

    Their first meeting —

    Rong Xu: Hello, I’m Rong Xu. This would be our first time meeting, I would appreciate your guidance.

    Qin Cheng: !!! (…Aahhh, He’s so cute! I really want to sleep with him!)


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  • Breaking Up, No Joke

    Taro Milk Tea Ongoing 1 week ago


    The most fucked-up separation in the world, is that there is a baby in your belly when you break up with someone.

    Bo Yu draws on his cigarette, slowly puffing out the smoke, and looks at the little boy lying in bed with deep eyes.

    Two years later, he finally comes back.

  • Promise You a Life Full of Love

    Distant Cloud Ongoing 1 week ago


    Xu Zijin had loved Fu Sinian for 20 years until she finally got herself killed.

    In fact, Fu Sinian also deeply loved Xu Zijin, but in a morbid way. In order to love her, he secretly suffered from dissociative identity disorder.

    However, there were so many obstacles between their love, such as deep-seated hatred caused by blood-debt and Mu Anan…

  • Transmigrated As My Best Friend’s Ex

    Purple Cabin Ongoing 1 week ago


    Han Ming'x best friend's ex comes to him, asking him to find his best friend. Han Mingxi suddenly got stung by conscience and decides to do him a favor, and also make some fun of his best. But on their way they meet a car accident. When he wakes up, he finds out that he has transmigrated as his best friend's ex…

  • Rebirth: My Sassy ‘crown Princess’

    Ye Yiluo Ongoing 1 week ago


    “You mean that Prince Yu wants to marry me?”

    “Exactly, young master, Prince Yu wants to marry you!”

    “Hell no! Is he out of his mind? Even if woman is a rare species nowadays, as the prince, he could have a chance to marry one. Is it because he got excluded, or maybe he has sexual impotence, so he could only marry a man?”

    “No, Prince Yu is charming, majestic, endowed with civil and martial virtues, and also in perfect health.”

    “Then why would he marry me?”

    “Maybe because of your reputation out there.”

    “Reputation? Am I quite famous?”

    “Of course. Young master, you’re far-famed.”

    “Really? What did they say about me?”

    “They said you are ugly, good-for-nothing, short-lived, a freak, with no morals, and shameless…”

  • Excruciating Deep Love with You

    Tong Fei Ongoing 2 weeks ago


    He said I was the most despicable woman he ever met...

    In order to love him, I lost my family, and became an imprisoned tool used for his vengeance from a noble lady. Everyone said I was the daughter of a rapist... I cautiously maintained the excruciating deep love for him and suffered from mental and physical exhaustion…

    I thought someday my love would touch him and then I would live a happy life just as a fairy tale, but in fact I fell into an eternal nightmare...

  • The Story of a Stroppy Princess

    Jiong Jiong Xiao Ya Ongoing 2 weeks ago


    The daughter of Prime Minister is a nympho?

    The brutish Prince is her husband?

    The stroppy Princess wants to kick her husband off the marriage sedan?!

    "Shit! I want a divorce!"


    "You can't satisfy me in bed!"

    The next day, Prince Chen becomes the laughingstock of the whole Kingdom of Dayue.

    How Hua Yueling, the Stroppy Princess with a soul from 21st century, will create her legendary story in this ancient world?

  • I Hear You are Going to Marry Me

    Wintersweet with Fragrance of Ink Ongoing 2 weeks ago


    It's a funny story about the love between Xing Biao, a gang boss, and Lawyer Su Mo.

    After several years since they got married, Xing Biao's henchmen often had such a conversation.

    "Do you know who is the last person we should offend?"

    "The son of our boss? He has been spoiled by our boss and Lawyer Su."

    "You are definitely wrong. Haven't you seen Lawyer Su punish that boy by asking him to recite criminal laws? When the boy fails to correctly and completely recite them, Lawyer Su doesn't allow him to watch TV and eat snacks. If our boss tries to intercede for the boy, he will be asked to recite the laws together with their son."

    "So it's Lawyer Su who shouldn't be provoked by us."

    "Bingo! Lawyer Su won't spare anyone pissing him off, neither will our boss and their son."

  • Rebirth As a Fatuous And Self-indulgent Ruler

    Blood Ongoing 2 weeks ago


    After rebirth, Long Xiaoyuan went into raptures because he was in poor health in his previous life. However, he suddenly found that his soul was in the body of a fatuous and self-indulgent emperor.

    This fatuous emperor put sycophants in important positions while executed the faithful and the upright!

    This merciless emperor married the son of a general and kept torturing him!

    How could he be reborn as such a person?

    The empress was pretty handsome and smart. Since the former soul of the emperor didn’t cherish such an excellent man, Long Xiaoyuan would love the guy and save himself by the way!

  • President Gu's Robot Boyfriend

    Flying Snow Demon Ongoing 2 weeks ago


    Business secrets of Gu’s Group were stolen, but President Gu obtained an omnipotent robot named Guo Mo by accident.

    What could a robot do?

    The robot could do the laundry, cook, massage, tell funny stories, sing, juggle…

    Gradually, he should fall in love with the robot!?

  • Legend of a Drop-dead Gorgeous Princess

    Jian Xi Ongoing 2 weeks ago


    She, drop-dead gorgeous enough to cause the fall of a country, as the Princess Royal of Cold Night Empire, was married to General Pingyan, the second Prince of the Dark Night Empire for peace between the two empires.

    However, on the wedding day, General Pingyan wanted to cancel the engagement and shut the door on the princess because of the rumors that she was not only ugly, but also stroppy…

    In this age, the imperial power is supreme. The beautiful princess Mu Qianhua kept a low profile and just hoped to have a quiet life, but the fate eventually forced her to become a pawn of those big shots…

    She refused to resign herself to her fate and held the faith that there must be a man who truly loved her and was willing to accompany her forever in the world...