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  • Star Martial God Technique


    In the whole world there lays twelve paths to climb the Tower of God, and in legends these twelve pathways leads toward legendary road of immortality. However these paths in the Tower of God, are far too long, without end.

    In ancient times there once were many types of martial art, sadly the world underwent terrible changes, and only three were left: Flame, Dragon and Star Martial Arts. Generations of experts of those three martial arts are searching for road of immortality.

    Star Martial Arts practitioner on his journey of lifetime, with young beauties on the side, plans to become Highest God.

  • Nine Heavenly Thunder Manual


    In a world similar to our own yet with marked differences, humans are able to cultivate! Mythological creatures, flying humans, cars and airplanes all coexist in this different dimension. This is the result of those fictional ancient Wuxia clans such as Emei, Kunlun, Wudang etc. surviving to the present day.

    Our main character Lei Yu belongs to a strong mysterious clan but doesn’t have the right to practice his family’s martial arts. He gets stepped on and tossed around in the family but he puts up with it. Due to certain reasons, he leaves the family, mysteriously gains an ability and forges his own path. Follow Lei Yu’s travels in this novel with xianxia, slice of life, and mythical elements to it.

  • Overthrowing Fate


    Xu Min realized that he was gifted with an exceptional talent for cultivation as he was training to become a family guard. His path was set before him but due to the jealousy of man, misfortune befell him. Xu Min found that he could trust no one as he began walking down the path of vengeance in a world where only the strong survived.


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  • Hokage: Ryo's Path

    一缕浮华 Ongoing 2 years ago


    Surgeon Guan Ryo Is reborn in Naruto's world! Enjoy his trip as he uses his knowledge of the story to find his path in this troubled world and eventually stand at the top of Konoha!

  • Legends of Ogre Gate

    Deathblade Ongoing Machine 2 years ago


    In some tales, Sunan and Bao are heroes. In other tales they are martyrs. In some songs they become gods. In other songs they die horrible deaths. In all stories, they are heroes, lovers, legends. After a thousand years, it can be difficult to separate the myth from the reality, to extract the fact from the fantasy. This is the true story of Sunan and Bao, who became the legends of the Ogre Gate.

  • The Immortal's Poison

    Cataclysmic Bean Ongoing 2 years ago


    This is the story of the youth Wen Leyang, born into the family with an expertise in the cultivation of the Art of Poison.

    The enemy may not always be evil, and neither does someone evil necessarily be the enemy. However, one thing is certain. Wen Leyang is a frank and honest young man, a delightful hero who posseses a kind disposition towards any living creature.

    Learn about his journey as he embarks on an adventure of cultivating into an immortal.

  • The Lame Dao Priest

    Little Flying swan Ongoing 2 years ago


    He almost died electrocuted when he was peeing; he was born with extreme misfortune which forced him to learn the daoist priest teaching. How hilarious would it be when he met a ghost? Read various wonderful stories, completely in The Lame Daoist Priest.

    T/N Description:

    My old man really had no common sense when he chose my name. He was just watching the movie in television, Li Xiaolong's Way of the Dragon movie. Dad was suddenly got his heavenly revelation and pounded the table: "It's Li Xiaolong!". And thus, in such heavenly coincidence, my father named me Xiaolong after Bruce Lee's name. Since the beginning when I was born, bad luck always following me and ONLY happening to me, even I almost died electrocuted when I was peeing under the electric pole.

    It was until one day:

    "Since you were born, no matter how dangerous things happened, you didn't die right? That was because of Red Arrow mark. Great misfortune will always follow you until you're dead. Only by practicing Taoism could you resolve this situation.


    The timid-superstitious unbeliever Xiaolong, reluctantly believed the dying old man, even felt the old swindler just making a joke out of him. It was until when he was shown what ghost would look like did he start to accept "the reality". The dying old man eventually had died, and his spirit proved to him that he was seeing "the real thing". He left him a legacy of 50 thousand RMB in cash, and 1.5 millions in papers. But his most important legacies were the Dao teaching compiled in a thick book and his follower, the ancient female high-leveled spirit, Murong Daiyu who became Xiaolong half-master afterward.


    The female spirit said gently: "You are now the successor disciple of 54th Niu Tian Daoist master, as well as the sole candidate for 55th generation head.

    "Wait a minute", I interrupted: "I only heard Celestial Master Zhang Daoling who found The Way of Celestial Masters, never heard about this Bull Celestial Master"…

  • The Return of the Condor Heroes

    Jin Yong Completed 2 years ago


    The Return of the Condor Heroes was Wuxia Writer Jin Yong's fifth novel. Written in 1959, it was originally published in the Ming Pao newspaper. This is the second novel of the Condor Trilogy.

    The story is set in mid-13th century at the height of the Mongolian Invasion. It is during this time that Guo Jing and Huang Rong, with their unmatchable reputation and skill, rally hundreds of thousands to defend Xiangyang, the last stronghold that stands in the Mongolians' way.

  • Blade Dance of the Two Lovers

    Jin Yong Completed Machine 2 years ago


    The story is set in the Qing dynasty. A pair of precious blades known as the "Mandarin Duck Blades" are being transported to the Forbidden City by an escort agency commissioned by provincial officials. The blades are highly coveted by many martial artists in the jianghu because they are rumoured to hold a secret to invincibility. The officials have also detained the escort agency chief's family members under the pretext of offering them protection, so as to ensure that the escort agency chief does not keep the blades for himself.

    In the midst of various attempts by different parties to intercept the convoy and seize the blades, eventually, through serendipity, the weapons end up in the hands of two couples: Yuan Guannan and Xiao Zhonghui, and Lin Yulong and Ren Feiyan. They are defeated by Zhuo Tianxiong, a highly skilled imperial guard who disguises himself as a blind man and hides in the convoy to protect the blades. The couples are forced to seek refuge in a dilapidated temple while attempting to evade pursuit by Zhuo and his men. Out of desperation, Lin Yulong and Ren Feiyan teach the younger couple, Yuan Guannan and Xiao Zhonghui, a saber movement known as the "Couple's Sabers" (夫妻刀法). The saber movement covers the two partners' weaknesses while multiplying their combat lethality, making them virtually invincible. Yuan and Xiao defeat Zhuo with this new technique.

    Later, Yuan Guannan visits Xiao Zhonghui's manor during her father's 50th birthday party and receives a warm welcome. He meets Xiao Zhonghui's father, Xiao Banhe, and his wives, Madam Yang and Madam Yuan. At the dinner, Zhuo Tianxiong and his men show up to seize the blades. At the same time, a group of soldiers show up, but they are there for a different purpose: to arrest Xiao Banhe, who is revealed to be one of the government's most wanted renegades.

    While fighting their way out, the young couple's combined prowess is seriously compromised when Yuan Guannan is revealed to be Madam Yuan's long-lost son – which makes him Xiao Zhonghui's half-brother. The group takes refuge at a nearby cave, where Xiao Banhe tells his story.

    Xiao Banhe reveals his true identity as a former rebel who infiltrated the palace by disguising himself as a eunuch. In the palace prison, he encountered Yuan and Yang, two other rebels who were captured and imprisoned along with their families. After Yuan and Yang were executed, Xiao broke into the prison and saved their widows and children. Yuan's son (Yuan Guannan) was separated from the group while they were escaping. Xiao Banhe took care of the two widows and pretended to be their husband all this while. He also raised Yang's daughter (Xiao Zhonghui) as his own child. This means that Yuan Guannan and Xiao Zhonghui do not have any blood relations, so they can continue their romance.

    Zhuo Tianxiong is coincidentally captured by the "Four Heroes of Taiyue" – four lucky and not-so-highly skilled comical martial artists – and the soldiers retreat. Xiao Banhe reveals the blades' secret: an inscription which says "the merciful are invincible".

  • Ode to Gallantry

    Jin Yong Completed Machine 2 years ago


    The protagonist, who refers to himself as "Gouzazhong" ( literally "mongrel dog", a colloquialism for "bastard"), first appears as a young beggar roaming the streets of Kaifeng in search of his lost mother. He witnesses a fight between several jianghu figures and meets the Shi couple and members of the Snowy Mountain Sect. An accident causes him to be taken away by Xie Yanke, an eccentric martial artist, to his secluded home on Motian Cliff. Xie Yanke, who is frequently bothered by Gouzazhong, decides to teach him martial arts. Gouzazhong learns qi cultivation techniques under Xie Yanke's tutelage for six years, but is unaware that Xie actually harbours ill intentions and has been teaching him the wrong methods, in the hope that he will sustain internal wounds and eventually die.

    At the same time, the leader of the Changle Sect, Shi Zhongyu, mysteriously disappears. The greater part of the novel deals with the complications that arise as Gouzhazhong is mistaken for Shi Zhongyu, not only by members of the sect (for ulterior motives), by also by Shi Zhongyu's parents, the Shi couple, Shi Zhongyu's lover Ding Dang, and members of the Snowy Mountain Sect. Although the two bear a splitting resemblance, their characters cannot be more different: Gouzhazhong is simple, honest and clever, while Shi Zhongyu, the son of the Shi couple, has a bad reputation for being a lewd and sly womaniser. Gouzhazhong acquires consummate combat skills in the process. He is hounded by members of the Snowy Mountain Sect who mistake him for Shi Zhongyu, who molested Axiu, the granddaughter of the Snowy Mountain Sect's leader. He acquires Axiu as his girlfriend after various incidents, during which the misunderstandings are gradually resolved.

    The novel culminates in an episode when the leaders of various sects are coerced into visiting a secluded island by a pair of mysterious, highly skilled messengers to celebrate the Laba Festival. The story then leads to a surprising conclusion: revelations on the island and more revelations concerning Gouzhazhong's true parentage.

  • The Book And the Sword

    Jin Yong Ongoing Machine 2 years ago


    The Book and the Sword is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). It was first serialised between 8 February 1955 and 5 September 1956 in the Hong Kong newspaper The New Evening Post.

    Set in the Qing dynasty during the reign of the Qianlong Emperor (r. 1735–1796), the novel follows the quest of the Red Flower Society, a secret organisation aiming to overthrow the Qing government, and their entanglements with an Islamic tribe in northwestern China. The “book” in the title refers to a Qur’an that was stolen from the tribe while the “sword” refers to a sword given to the protagonist, Chen Jialuo, by his first romantic interest, Huoqingtong. Historical figures such as the Qianlong Emperor, Zhaohui (兆惠), Heshen, Zheng Xie and Fuk’anggan also make appearances or are mentioned by name in the novel. One of the female protagonists, Princess Fragrance, is loosely based on the Qianlong Emperor’s Fragrant Concubine.

    This novel was Jin Yong’s debut, and it quickly established him as one of the new masters of the wuxia genre.Alternative English titles of the novel include Book and Sword: Gratitude and Revenge and The Romance of the Book and Sword.

  • The Deer And the Cauldron

    Jin Yong Completed Machine 2 years ago


    The Deer and the Cauldron, also known as The Duke of Mount Deer, is a novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha) and the last of his works. The novel was initially published in Hong Kong as a serial, and ran from 24 October 1969 to 23 September 1972 in the newspaper Ming Pao. Although the book is often referred to as a wuxia novel, it is not archetypal of the genre, since the protagonist, Wei Xiaobao, is not an adept martial artist, but rather, an antihero who relies on wit and cunning to get out of trouble. Another alternative title of the novel is On Ruding Mountains.

  • Demi-gods And Semi-devils

    Jin Yong Completed Machine 2 years ago


    Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils by Jin Yong was first serialized in newspapers from 3 September 1963 to 27 May 1966.

    The story follows the journeys of three protagonists. The main thematic element of the novel concerns the complex, troubled relationships between characters from various kingdoms and sects, and the inherent bond that underlies the struggles of each. The novel examines the cause and effect that forms and breaks these bonds on five uniquely corresponding levels: self, family, society, ethnic group, and country.