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  • Overlord in Cultivation


    The doomsday fell upon the earth when a dragon coffin sealed under a snow mountain for ages shifted, and the civilization of gods and devils began. The whole universe turned into a fantastic new world where everyone could rise to the top through cultivation. A lucky young boy seized the opportunity, and started his journey to be a overlord in cultivation.

    It is a heart-thrilling and good-writhing fantasy novel full of twists and turns!

  • Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe


    The path to be immortal is never easy, but death is. So many times so near to death in front of all the unforeseen dangers, mysterious evils, and vicious yet powerful opponents. All the way forward with blood and kills, what I can control is to be true to myself. When the day comes to my Immortal Ascension, I will dispel the cloudy mist and rule the world with the Tao of my own.
    Shiao Chen, a young boy without spiritual root, only gets the chance to attend The Test of Entering Divine Gate after his father begged and pleaded with the Shiao Family. But how is he gonna pass the test and enter the divine gate with such a poor aptitude? What will he do to make a difference in Luoyun Valley?

  • Monarch of Evernight


    Qianye rose from hardship but was felled by betrayal. From then, one man, one gun; he tread the path between Evernight and Daybreak and became a legend. Even if Evernight was destined to be his fate, he still intends to become the ruler who dictates.


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  • Legend of Legends

    Dawon, 다원 Ongoing 2021 years ago


    The world was hit by an abnormal narcolepsy, and there was a mass coma. Lee-joonhyuk was transferred to a dimensional battle field as he fell into an abnormal narcoleptic sleep. This is the story of him as he starts as a minion.

  • K Side:blue

    Gora, Suzuki Shingo Completed 2021 years ago


    A novel adaptation of K, focused on the history of the blue clan and the events which led to Munakata Reisi's appointment as the current blue king.

  • God of Crime

    Han Yeoul, 한여울 Completed 2021 years ago


    Seo Tae Hyuk, jailed after being falsely accused.

    He will be executed without being able to prove his innocence.

    When he opens his eyes, it's 15 years in the past?

  • Oukoku E Tsuzuku Michi

    湯水 快 Ongoing 2021 years ago


    This is the story of a young slave gladiator in an underground arena. He doesn't know about his past or how he got to where he is, only that his name is Aegir, and that he is strong.

    One day he kills the boss and escapes the arena, joining a band of mercenaries as a new recruit. During one mission, they encounter the vampire, Lucy, who slaughters the band with her inhuman strength. After learning that Aegir only knows how to kill, Lucy lets him stay at her house, educating and taking care of him.

    Two years pass, and on the day of Aegir's departure, they both exchange a promise that if Aegir becomes a king and owns the land of Erg forest, he can come and take her as his woman. Making this his life goal, Aegir set out on a journey to become a hero, a king, and found his own kingdom.

  • Loving a Girl Like Crazy

    Song Xiaojun Ongoing 2021 years ago


    When having a party with friends, we decided to play a game. We tried to find a theme and tell one's own real experience, and see whose experienced was the most bizarre, the most touching, the most unbelievable or made us speechless and wanted to beat him. Finally we chose a theme-have you ever loved a girl like crazy? While everyone kept in silence, Sizhang (literally means forty years old in English) lit a cigar and said, "My story is at my mouth. I'll share mine first." And everyone smiled without saying something, looking forward how he loved a girl like crazy…

  • Jiang Hu

    山鬼 Ongoing 2021 years ago


    My master tells me that Jiang Hu stands anywhere but the Sword Sect. His words are beyond me. On my commencement, I get my first mission, which is to finish one of my senior fellow disciples.

    TN Note: Jiang Hu, literally translates as “Rivers and Lakes”, but figuratively refers to the “underground world of martial arts”. A section of society consisting of martial artists, gangsters, thieves, beggars, prostitutes, merchants, entertainers, and anyone else who wants to operate outside of mainstream society or in the grey area of the law.

  • Throne of Magical Arcana

    Cuttlefish That Loves Diving, 爱潜水的乌贼 Ongoing 2021 years ago


    An ordinary young man on earth, Xia Feng, traveled to a world of sword and magic, and took the body of Lucien Evans, another ordinary young man.

    Seemingly this was a world of traditional western fantasy, yet he discovered the astonishing similarities between the earth and this world, and between science and the so-called arcane magic…

    "Knowledge is power"? Soul, magic, quantum, Theory of Relativity, cognitive world, music and real world……

    What was the true nature of that world?

  • The Almighty Asura

    Shiyueliunian Ongoing 2021 years ago


    In the turbulent era, the world was under the reign of cunning careerists. A young man named Mu Feng grew up in numerous battles and unceasingly made earnest efforts to stand on his own feet.

    His father was murdered, and two hundred thousand of his people were slaughtered. Mu Feng accidently attained the Sacred Book of Asura, and then he embarked on his journey of revenge with fierceness and blood!

    Killing and blood proved his love for family and his people!

    He was the almighty Asura!

  • Evil Monarch Wields Nine Yangs

    Elf Ongoing 2021 years ago


    Nine mysterious and intimidating powers prevails heaven and earth, which are referred to as nine yangs of power. Nine yangs of power: white yang, crimson yang, green yang, purple yang, red yang, true yang, jade yang, heaven yang and ultimate yang. He who finds this secret ascends to invincible monarch. Four realms need to be conquered: Blood Realm, Chi Realm, Spirit Realm and Law Realm.

  • Pivot of the Sky

    Mr. Xu Shengzhi Ongoing 2021 years ago


    It's a story that happened long, long ago, in a continent far, far away, about gods and mortals, sword and magic, war and peace, and of course love and hatred.


    Amon was a poor miner's son in a remote town in the kingdom of Hittite. Along with the discovery of a marvelous gem, his fate was changed. People on this land called it Gods' Tear. But wait, what were the gods? It was said that the gods created the world. Then who created the gods?


    Forced by the tantalizing fate, Amon had to struggle to find out the truth behind this world of magic and gods……